Saturday, January 24, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

Well it took a long time but my Mirrormen are finally done!Quite happy how they turned out.

The Mirrormen are the elite infiltration unit of the Cybertronic Corporation. Their chromed armor can be used to absorb light to enhance their camouflage or reflect it to attract the attention of the enemy. Due to their flashy nature they're real media darlings attracting attention wherever Cybertronic needs a PR boost. Fluff wise they should of been all chromed up but I felt that it took too much away from the miniatures so I added a bit more colors.

The original swords where a bit too small for me. Also, due to the resin that uses Prodos, they where either broken or bent out of shape in transit. Because of this, I chopped the blades off and added W40K ones instead. It was my first attempt at plasma swords feel and I'm quite pleased on how they turned out.

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